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  • Happy New Year!
    2009 新年快樂!!
    (賀年卡請至SY blog領取 ^o^)

    As the New Year dawns...
    May it bring for you promises of
    new dreams to fulfill,
    new goals to reach
    and new joys to discover!
    (extracted from 123Greetings.com)

    SY () 发表于 2009-01-03 00:54:40

  • SY的email address換了
    有需要的話請到SY的blog去看新的email address

    Best wishes~ ^^

    SY () 发表于 2008-11-07 05:54:40

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    chxljiu niqdpsyu (http://www.mtuyfzp.ghlytqcve.com) 发表于 2008-02-15 01:44:18

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    BestCreditCards (http://cardesinsant.info) 发表于 2007-11-17 09:45:29

  • Nice!

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    discoverahqwenmx (http://immediatly-cardd.info) 发表于 2007-11-12 03:53:29

  • I remember your b-day is in September. But which day? I really dunno. Hope you can remind me that. Anyway, Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

    Jan () 发表于 2007-09-26 08:57:13

  • 补说生日快乐,预祝中秋快乐。


    youyou () 发表于 2007-09-21 09:43:11

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    pbdsm juadztr (http://www.pzutq.adtwcepz.com) 发表于 2007-08-30 17:00:22

  • OMG Kayann how are youuu?

    I still love your Doujin and I wish I studied Chinese better because I don't understand what you wrote!

    Hope we can hang out someday :3

    Sharyl (http://duofan.deviantart.com/) 发表于 2007-08-26 22:36:46

  • 我想到命题了>w<



    () 发表于 2007-07-23 10:26:47

  • http://foto.yculblog.com/illusory/hc7999.png





     回复 明 说:
    恭喜~ 小明果然是這兒的常客(?)~
    (2007-06-30 12:43:17)

    () 发表于 2007-06-27 22:38:56

  • By the way, 到目前為止D日文學成點丫? 學左D乜呀? 我D日文grammar好水皮, 記得指教! hehe (^^)


     回复 Jan 说:
    目前學到講星期幾﹐去邊﹐幾點﹐同邊個去之類o既野。喂姐姐﹐我仲係幼稚園~小學入學前o既程度咋﹐我諗我要你教我vocab添丫﹗大家咁話啦~ ^ ^

    (2007-03-11 14:17:49)

    Jan (http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/zakkaya01/) 发表于 2007-03-11 11:06:38

  • I just want to say a big "welcome back"!! Because I noticed that you haven't update your blog for a longgggggggg while. Right? (^^) I thought you experienced some problem with your internet provider so you couldn't keep updating. hehe Anyway, keep posting new stuff!!!

     回复 Jan 说:
    Wow, thank you!

    You're kinda right. The Internet speed is not very stable and lots of time pretty slow since I switch to wireless. I got very irritated just waiting for stuff to load and open. But the main reason I'm off is that I tried to concentrate and make up my mind. I'm starting over with my whole portfolio because I don't find it reflect my interest or at least the area where I'm more willing to put/show my effort. If I browse around the Internet I don't think I could resist the temptation! ^ ^|||

    Well, I guess I will (keep posting new stuff).
    (2007-03-11 14:08:56)

    Jan (http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/zakkaya01/) 发表于 2007-03-11 10:34:20

  • ……|||




     回复 明 说:
    嗯...下次...下次一定來 T T
    (2007-03-10 13:43:18)

    () 发表于 2007-02-22 10:02:08

  • Honey~XD




    有空要来玩啊( ̄y▽ ̄)╭

     回复 明 说:
    啊﹐過了... T T
    下次一定也要聯絡我哦~~ T^T
    (2007-03-10 13:40:38)

    () 发表于 2007-02-20 23:32:04

  • Wow! Where do you go to learn Japanese? Is it costly? Is it fun!? You should teach me sometime. (^_^)

    By the way, you said you posted up some of your pictures, Where!? I can't see them!

     回复 Jan 说:
    > Is it costly? Is it fun!?
    It's surely FUNNN! > < The teacher is very nice and the course is very well-organized to teach the basic in a modest pace, even though it's still not easy esp. in listening comprehension. I'm taking Dawson's non-credit course, so it's not very costly (compared to Mcgill's)

    > You should teach me sometime. (^_^)
    What? You're kidding right? I thought you knew how to speak already?? (?_?) I should be the one who ask you to teach me something ^ ^

    > you said you posted up some of your pictures
    No, I mean I'll arrange and post them. I didn't post them yet. (I'm about to)
    (2007-03-10 13:07:13)

    Jan () 发表于 2007-02-06 13:11:39

  • ( ̄y▽ ̄)╭哎呀,一不小心就拿到了这个~(天:这个人,明明就是刷的= =+)



    哦呵呵呵呵呵呵≧▽≦(天:= =++呵你个头啊,还不快去做事!!)

     回复 明 说:
    啊咦﹖還以為會慢~慢才到... 感謝小明經常捧場~~ (つ^3^)つ
    22題... 讓我看看問題是什麼我寫了什麼...
    (天:該是時候將問卷填完吧你? = =+)

    > 拿著日本刀一刀將對方的頭斬下來…或者裝成雛妓混上該老大的床﹑騎在對方身上殺了他… (Kill Bill … = =bbb)

    哦哦哦555...這個有點難度呢... (那你又寫? = =)
    OK 可以啊~ ^ ^
    (2007-03-10 13:14:28)

    () 发表于 2007-02-05 22:26:16

  • No. I didn't mean I'm going to see Justin Timberlake. I'm not a fan of him. I just know he is coming. But he seems getting more and more popular these days. I heard people gave thumbs up for his last 2 albums (b/c he has some great musicians & engeniers work for his album). However, I still haven't listen to any of his songs yet though.. hehe I just know his gossips such as he recently broke up with his girlfriend and now getting intimate with Scarlett Johansson.

    (^-^) Anyway, this is just some bla bla.

     回复 Jan 说:
    with your face like this ( (^-^) ) I thought you were (and I was surprised). Seeminglu ya he's getting more popular and radio plays his song a lot. For someone who haven't heard any of his songs yet you surely know a lot? Not just the gossip but the engineers and stuff as well. I didn't even know he broke up w/ his GF and moved to a new one.

    What else? His image is always tied w/ blah blah.
    (2007-01-12 11:48:41)

    Jan (http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/zakkaya01/) 发表于 2007-01-11 12:09:49

  • It seems you had great fun. Did you go alone or with your sis? I know Justin Timberlake is coming on the 31th. (^-^) Who else is coming??

     回复 Jan 说:
    yup I did~ XD
    I went with my sis and her BF. I invited my sis and she added him to the list.
    I know. You'll go to his concert? (I didn't know you like his songs)
    (2007-01-10 11:47:22)

    Jan (http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/zakkaya01/) 发表于 2007-01-10 07:04:48

  • I missed quite a lot of your diary entries. Is it "simplified chinese" that you're using on your blog? I was quite lost reading it.

    Talk to you later.

     回复 Jan 说:
    The blog is in Simplified Chinese, but most of my entries are done in Traditional Chinese. I can view my entries in Traditional Chinese even without NJStar, now that's weird...
    (2006-12-30 06:58:20)

    Jan (http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/zakkaya01/) 发表于 2006-12-29 02:33:38

  • M2是168公分...(小花逃)


     回复 NAXAT 说:
    55555~~~ 1-6-8???
    don't run away~ you little kitty~ (flowers around and all frozen up)
    I'll go online as soon as I get a new computer, which I expect *hopefully* in a week or so.
    (2006-11-08 05:56:40)

    NAXAT () 发表于 2006-10-18 20:50:26

  • 週日早上8點(應該是HC那裡的週六晚上8點嗎)有匯聊啊~如果有空有閒有意願浪費時間的話~~~請來吧~題目是萬聖節相關XD


     回复 NAXAT 说:
    這次也一樣的非常好玩~ XD
    下次要浪費時間也要預我一份哦~~ XDD
    (2006-10-16 00:16:17)

    NAXAT () 发表于 2006-10-12 12:49:29

  • ★v★哦哦~~看到了美好的命题~


     回复 明 说:
    親愛的小明~ 我已經選了上海灘了~~
    (2006-10-10 11:23:09)

    () 发表于 2006-10-09 18:49:10

  • 5380得手!







     回复 cainhome86 说:
    恭喜會長踩中5380~ 撒花~~ 兩個也很有趣呢… 那…就上海灘好了~~ Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    (2006-10-10 11:15:39)

    cainhome86 () 发表于 2006-10-09 04:51:08

  • 嗯,未来的感恩节快乐……XD

     回复 cainhiome86 说:
    嗯嗯~ 你也一樣哦~ XD
    (2006-10-08 10:34:25)

    cainhiome86 () 发表于 2006-10-02 23:34:06

  • 双节快乐xd

     回复 youyouqu 说:
    希望你也過了一個快樂的雙節~ XD
    (2006-10-08 10:14:53)

    youyouqu () 发表于 2006-10-02 17:10:57

  • HC~~



     回复 helio 说:
    也祝無害你快樂哦~ XDDD
    (2006-10-02 11:51:50)

    helio () 发表于 2006-10-02 00:48:08

  • 你被点名了!没错点你的人就是我XD


    (一共五个部分,总共一百题= =+我真bt……)


     回复 cainhome86 说:
    (2006-10-01 10:05:01)

    cainhome86 () 发表于 2006-09-29 11:01:52

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